In an attempt to receive some assistance, a large crowd of people was observed outside the residence of Area Representative for Belize Rural South, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., on Friday, August 14th. Heredia told The San Pedro Sun that police came to disperse the crowd after they failed to adhere to social distancing as required. However, he expects to resume on Monday, August 17th, in a more orderly manner. In a video, a shirtless Heredia is observed on the veranda of his home looking at slips of papers before they are lower down with what appears to be a string. Meanwhile, a long line of persons economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen on the street waiting for assistance.

Heredia indicated that he is trying to assist those persons who have not received assistance from other social programs. He asks that those who are benefiting from other pantry programs on the island to allow the most vulnerable to access the limited help. Heredia said that as the pandemic continues to take ground on the island and the country, things could become more challenging. Heredia asked everyone to be patient while he tries to help as much as he can. The Area Representative is also asking everyone to adhere to the safety and health regulations. Wash your hands properly, wear masks, and practice social distancing when out on the streets.

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The Blatant Disregard for Physical Distancing, Social Gathering Limit in San Pedro

Tourism Minister and area representative for Belize Rural South, Manuel Heredia Junior is coming under fire tonight. Videos and pictures of him and his family show them on their veranda in San Pedro, the epicentre of the virus, literally handing down “assistance” to residents using a string. The video and pictures have sparked outrage as they show the blatant disregard for measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The six feet physical distancing required by law is not being practiced as the large crowd of persons converged on the street. Additionally, the individuals are not wearing their masks properly. The twenty-five person limit for social gatherings was also ignored, all in front of the house of the minister.

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