In one banking note, the PM seems to be backtracking on a statutory instrument he signed into law a few weeks ago, at the end of July.

It removed certain currency controls and central bank oversight to facilitate real estate transactions. But, at the time we argued that it could undermine the peg. The PM resisted the argument when we first Brought it to him - but on Friday, he said he sees the point:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

"Since he asked me those questions about the SI's that we've amended, triggered principally by the frustration over the need for permission for land transactions to be processed when a foreigner is involved, he caused me to have to experience, not a visit, but a visitation from the Central Bank, they descended on me in numbers to make their case and to convince me as to the danger in which the SI's have placed the peg. Bottom line is, we're, we're prepared to, to rethink things and hopefully there's a compromise that we will arrive at."

Channel 7