From our Commissioner of Police:

Good morning all, effective today regulation 121/20 came into effect. The following is now the law under the new SI-
San Pedro
Santa Martha
Shipyard and
Guinea Grass remain under complete lock down.

The following shall apply to the lock down areas.

- curfew is from 8pm to 5am each day;
- children all not allowed to be in any public place after 6pm unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult;
- construction work is not permitted;
- no one is allowed to move in or out of the respective communities except for emergency reasons approved by minister of Health and National Security;

The following business are allowed to open from 7am to 6pm;

- gas stations;
- pharmacies;
- supermarket, convenient store, markets and stores;
- fuel and LGP depots
- street vendors (providing its for take out)

The following businesses shall operate on a 24 hours basis;

- mills, Port operation, Banana, sugar and citrus factories.
Withing the lock down areas movement is restricted to one of the purposes listed above.

The following shall apply to the rest of the country (does not include the lock down areas)

- curfew is now from 9pm to 5am of each day;
- no child most be in any public place or space after 6pm unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult;
- restaurant are now closed for inside dining;
- street vending is now only permitted for take out and they must do so from their yard or an open space;
- barbershops and Spas are now open to appointments only;
- the following businesses shall remain close;
- gymnasium, bars, night clubs, discotheque, gaming house and casinos.
The following businesses shall operate on a 24 hours basis;
- port operation, sugar, citrus and banana factories and oil production.
The following shall apply to the entire country including the lock down areas;
- movements during curfew does not apply to essential workers in the execution of their duties, or for a medical emergency.
- everyone must wear a mask coving their mouth and nose when in any public place or space;
- a child 6 years and under are not required to wear mask;
- crowd is now limited to 10 persons;
- establishments owners, bus and boat operators are to ensure that anyone who comes on their establishment, boat or public transportation wears a mask for the duration of their stay on any such establishment, boat or public transport;
- everyone must exercise social distancing of 6ft or more. If you are in your yard with persons from your house hold you will not be required to practice social distance;
- no one shall attend no social gathering where persons from outside their immediate household is invited;
- the border and all port of entry into and exit the country shall renain closed save and except for cargo shipment, air cargo, repatriation of Belizeans and persons going for or returning from seeking emergency medical service abroad.

I continue to ask my fellow Belizeans to kindly adhere to these laws. Remember the best remedy for this virus is to stay at home and observe the health protocols. We are the only ones who can stop the further spread of the virus so let us all do our part and get our country out of this situation. Thanks and wishing you all a blessed, safe and productive Sunday.