[Linked Image]The District boundaries of Belize were drawn in line with timber concessions and used for jurisdictional purposes. Up to 1880, there were the Belize, Northern, Western and Southem Districts. In September 1881, the Northem District was separated into Orange Walk and Corozal. In 1882, the Southern District was divided into the Stann Creek and Toledo districts. Corozal and Orange Walk were amalgamated in 1887 reducing it to five districts. On 23. May, 1906, the north was again separated. Given its small voting population as per the 1935 Elective Principle, the north was again joined between 1939 and 1950. The last adjustment was in 1954 between the Toledo and Cayo Districts. The Toledo district was redrawn losing approximately 30 sq. miles.

Context by Belize Yucatec Maya - "At the very beginning, the Maya Yucatecos concentrated on the small ranchos like Louisville, Saltillos, and in Orange Walk District—which at that time of course, there was only one district, the Northern District. There were about 10 or 11 English companies that actually had already taken over the whole lands of Belize, of British Honduras then. So they controlled all the lands. When they found out that the Maya Yucatecos could produce sugarcane here in the North, they took away, in other words, the lands that they were renting to the Yucatecos. Eventually, the Maya Yucatecos lands were taken over by the English companies and then they began producing now at a far more...eh...well, large amounts of sugar ...which eventually they started to export around 1868 or so. They exported sugar to England. " - Don Mateo Ayuso for the Documentary Simply Belize: The Yucatec Maya".