[Linked Image]Minister of Health and Corozal Bay representative, Pablo Marin has apparently shot and killed a burglar who'd ransacked the lower flat of his Corozal Town home.

Reports say that at about 10:30 last night, Marin heard sounds in the lower flat of his home. Marin got his licensed 9mm pistol to go and see what was happening and encountered a man of East Indian descent on his verandah in front of him, according to his report. Marin told police he fired a warning shot and then fired two more shots in the direction of the intruder who the ran and jumped the fence into an open lot. He was found dead in a crouched position in that lot. Police also found the lower flat of Marin's home ransacked. Three expended shells were recovered. The deceased is a 37 year old from San Antonio Village.

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