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Nana Forms Just Southwest Of Jamaica & Is Currently Strengthening Quickly; Nana Likely Will Be A Hurricane When It Moves Inland Into Central America On Wednesday Night Into Thursday

Itís been a busy few hours trying to keep up with the latest reconnaissance aircraft reports with Nana.

First things first, Nana seems to be strengthening quickly this afternoon as the initial reconnaissance reports indicated that Nana had 50 mph winds. Since then, it seems as Nana has developed a closed eyewall with what could be an eye forming. If true, then Nana is very close to, if not already at hurricane strength. Based on this rapid intensification, I urge everyone in the southern Yucatan Peninsula, Belize and northern Honduras to start preparing for hurricane conditions which will start on Wednesday night and continue into Thursday.

Before then, tropical storm conditions with squally weather will continue to be likely on the island of Jamaica the rest of this afternoon.

I expect that given the favorable environmental conditions, Nana is likely strengthen from now until landfall on Wednesday night. Because of then, I think that Nana will probably be a hurricane with 85 to 105 mph winds when it moves inland into Belize late Wednesday night or Thursday morning .

This means that hurricane conditions are expected on Wednesday night into Thursday across the southern Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, Guatemala and northern Honduras.

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