After passing Roatan Island HURRICANE NANA came ashore, at midnight, as just Cat.1 ( 75mph) over, or very close to Placencia. Brief period of strong winds and 12mm rain over Belmopan, about the same time.

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Above image as the storm arrived.

In Succotz, I had there were gusts and sprinkles at 12:30 am off and on for about 45 minutes. For those hoping to fill their water reservoirs, that did not happen.

There is still some heavy cloud over southern Toledo, but the rain will be dying out down there shortly.
Central and Northern Belize has bright sunshine and only a little thin, high level clouds.
There is now, a lot of heavy cloud out in the Caribbean, some of which will come to Belize over the next few days.

Looks as if today will be mainly sunny for most of Belize, still some rain in the south, some cloud will be building this morning.

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Temperatures in Belmopan : ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )
Last night min. 24C 75F Yesterday max. 33C 91F Yesterday Rain 5.3 mm ( 0.2") Last night 12.5mm ( 0.5"