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October 1st: The Opening of Conch Season & The Best Ways to Eat It

TODAY! Conch season is here in Belize. October 1st until April 30th or sooner if the Queen Conch quota set by the department of fisheries is filled. The giant sea creature (he’s technically a snail but…let’s not ruminate too long on that) is a favorite across Belize. No matter where you go along the coast of Belize, you see huge queen conch shells everywhere – polished and on display, heaps on the beach and in the water, and used, sometimes, in older construction.

Artist Dimus Guerrero on Ambergris Caye also makes some gorgeous pieces. A must visit on a trip here. Every first-time visitor wants to take one of these giant shells home. Some learn the hard way, that you can not bring one in your carry-on bag. Airport security sees this as a security hazard.

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