FULL MOVIE: Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar
A young girl, Tecuani, is unaware of the adventure she is about to embark on as she chases a purple lizard into a forest cave. Her journey begins with an encounter with the fearsome Tata Duende, a legendary guardian of the forest with missing thumbs and backwards feet. Tata Duende awakens Tecuani to an epic story of destruction and redemption that has been forgotten for a thousand years. Will brave Hunahpu’s efforts to secure another chance for humanity be for nothing? Can young Tecuani find the ‘voice of the jaguar’ to awaken her people or are they destined to make the same mistake again?

Tecuani and the Duende is the first ever animated movie short from the beautiful Caribbean/Mesoamerican nation of Belize.


Tecuani and Duende Movie Release
Lee Mcloughlin - Film Maker