This is the QR code for IPhone users. Scan to get access to app.

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Here is the QR Code for Android

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After months of work on our Ecomuseum's Website and the Self-Guided Walking Interactive Tour App Map, we are pleased to announce that both are up and running. The Walking Tour App is an Interactive Tour App that works with either your IOS or Android phones. It will allow the user to identify the various historic sites in downtown (Albert and Regents Streets). If the users have access to the internet on their phones while in downtown, they will be able to utilize the directional/tracking feature of the App. The directional/tracking feature will allow the user to choose which historic site they want to visit. It will show where they are located in relation to that site in real time. The user should be able to follow the blue directional/tracking line to the selected site. The App will also provide a short interpretation about each site. After learning about any historic site, the user will be able to choose the next historic site and proceed to that site with the help of the direction/tracking feature. With the assistance of our App anyone will be able to conduct their own self-guided tour.

This App was not created to eliminate the tour guides, because there is nothing better than taking a tour with a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide. However, this App was created to supplement our experiential tourism experience in downtown, by providing hundreds of visitors into downtown, who may prefer to do their own walking-tour, the ability to do that if they so desire.

The App is accessible with the attached QR Codes. The first OR code is for the IOS and second is for the Android.

The Ecomuseum and Self-Guiding Walking Tour App was created for the Downtown Rejuvenation Project by Sai Info-Tech.