Newspaper Headlines from the Hattie era, rebuilding and reconstruction, from The Belize Billboard. Right click on an image to open in a new window, then zoom in for larger versions. March 15, 1962, also check the price of newspaper during that time period.

Devastating Hurricane Hattie 31 October 1961 from my Father's album, St. George's Caye and Belize City. The aftermath, the destruction, the loss! The fight to rebuild, and they did! Debbie Gegg

The beginning of the split

For most who could afford , the rebuilding process after hurricane Hattie was more inclined to ferro concrete buildings.A lot of the wonderful colonial style houses were wiped away. Others say that didn't start until the late 1960s early 1970s with development in Kings Park (following the construction of Princess Margaret Dr.). The colonial houses of the more affluent residents of the city in the Southern Foreshore and Fort George areas were rebuilt after the hurricane.

You can just see the Gann's clock tower behind the house on the left of the picture. These old homes were very well constructed. Most were built by shiprights, from Louisiana pine and used mortis and tennon method. Those homes were very strong and actually creaked liked a ship in strong winds. All joints and beams were pinned together with wooden pegs.

My grandparents house which was just down the road on Eve St. from the Grants and on the water was totally gone. Completely washed away. Same approximate size as the the Grants. My mom recalls when they were finally able to get back to the house there was nothing but mud where the house stood and the brick pilings/piers it sat on. They think the house was not secured to them so when the tidal wave came in it lifted up and smashed it across the street. Lesley Sullivan