The 14 Still On the Run

And while those men had yet another day in court, 14 of their comrades are still on the run. They made a mad dash for freedom and four days later are still managing to evade capture. But while they are said to be armed and dangerous the fact of the matter is that, with very few places to hide they're becoming more and more desperate.

And while the public looks on wondering whether any of them will get away scot-free, I went into our archive to find out who these men are and what they did to end up as public enemies numbers one through 14.

Tonight, 14 of the initial 28 men who escaped the Belize Central Prison remain on the run But where are they running to? the Commissioner believes they've gone home.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"We have credible information that a number of these escapees have returned to the area of residence prior to prison and they are being facilitated by family members and friends, I want to sound the warning that it is a criminal offense to aid or abet an escaped prisoner or a convicted person, or a wanted person and once it is that we are to find any of these prisoners at the home of anybody or if we can obtain concrete evidence of anyone facilitating them that those concerns will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

On Monday he called them mostly murderers.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"From the escapees 25 are Belizeans, 11 of whom were either convicted or on remand for murder and the others are from varying degrees of crimes and the other three are Guatemalan nationals."

But who are these men and what exactly have they done?

The alleged ringleader is Carlos Montejo the. Back in 2010 Montejo was one of 4 men charged with Engaging in an illegal fight, a fight that resulted in his friend Efrain Ramirez getting his throat cut. More recently Montejo had been convicted of robbery.

One of the least violent offenders of the bunch is Lords Bank resident Erwin Lanza, Lanza and a cousin were caught with a 3 inch marijuana plant as well as an illegal firearm. They were fined but Lanza seems to have forfeited the fine and instead ended up serving 2 years in jail.

This man was convicted of robbery and harm but what his rap sheet doesn't specify is that he punched a teenager off his bike before stealing it.

And as we move down the list we encounter 4 accused murderers. The first Guatemalan national Santos Edwardo Zepeda Lopez was on remand at Kolbe Foundation for an ammunition offense. He's also under investigation for the shocking murder of 59-year-old Rosa Chincilla who was found with a cut wound to her throat at her residence on Lindo's Alley.

Up next, an escapee who's meant to be serving a life sentence. He is - - year old Michael Faux, the man convicted for the cold blooded murder of Sidney Bradley. Bradley was shot at his door mouth.

Jaroud Lamb is convicted of the muder that resulted from a 2013 robbery of Belmopan's La Choza Bar. And this isn't his first time running from the long arm of the law he also fled police custody in 2014 while being transported from prison to a court date. He was eventually found in the San Ignacio Cemetery where police were able to capture him after shooting him to the right knee.

And in perhaps the most disturbing case of all Kendale Flores. The man who launched a state of emergency. Flores was charged for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, grievous harm, and use of deadly means of harm in the March 2020 murder of four year old Kia Herbert.

Others at large include convicted thieves Albert Banner and Luis Paiz, Convicted robber Elser Oseguera, convicted Burglar Luke Bowen, Convicted drug traffickers Elroy Henry and Oswaldo Perez, and finally Enrique Martinez who was serving time for a conviction of manslaughter.

And while they remain on the run, the Commissioner will continue to sound the warning that aiding and abetting criminals is itself an offense.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"I again want to appeal to family members, it is best to have your loved ones surrender themselves to have the security forces out there pursuing them. We continue to consider these escapees as being armed and dangerous and the safety and security of our personnel will always be paramount."

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