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Wildtracks Update: Yesterday brought with it another orphaned manatee calf following a successful rescue with our partners, the Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development (SACD).

Belize has a Marine Mammal Stranding Network of people and organizations across Belize's coastline, from north to south, that work together as the first line of response for manatees in trouble. In the north, this role is the joint responsibility of Wildtracks and SACD. The network, however, is only able to respond if the general public reports manatees in distress - they are our eyes and ears on the ground.

For this manatee, a young female with ribs showing and raspy breathing, we thank Mr. Rudolfo, of Consejo, for reporting the calf and providing assistance in its capture.

She is now under observation, rehydrated, on a course of antibiotics, and devouring water hyacinths as she stabilized. She is not out of danger yet, but she is starting the first steps in the right direction.

If you live in northern Belize and see a manatee in distress, message us at Wildtracks or SACD, or call us on 660-4820 (Wildtracks) or 633-1384 (SACD ...for manatee emergencies). Keep your eyes on the animal, especially if it is under 4 feet long - once lost, they are incredibly difficult to find again. You may be the difference between the animal being rescued and having a second chance, or dying a slow death from starvation.

You CAN make that difference!