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Island marathoner Ian ‘Lion’ Gordon is currently organizing and preparing for the first-ever ‘King Lion 101 mile run’ challenge set for December 19, 2020. This event is the first of its kind in Belize, and Gordon expects to complete the challenge in 16 hours. He is inviting others to join him, and he is calling on sponsors that may want to support this event

All these amendments to the current Quarantine Act under SI No. 136 were deemed necessary to boost the tourism industry and deliver a degree of fairness among visitors and Belizeans alike. Barrow explained that the reason returnees (Belizeans, permanent residents, foreign second homeowners, investors) would not be required to obey a mandatory 10-quarantine at their homes is basically because of the challenge to monitor everyone. Thus, the quarantine will now be optional.

The 101 mile route is planned to start at 5AM, beginning in Belize City. A support team will accompany Gordon and other runners through the Philip Goldson Highway, then off to the Burrell Boom road, and onto the George Price Highway until the Capital City of Belmopan. The runners will then return to Belize City, completing the 101 miles. Gordon noticed that this challenge has been taking place in other countries except Belize. He is excited to bring it to the country and hopes to inspire more marathoners to continue aiming high in this sport. Gordon added that the registration fee to participate in this historic event is $35 and it comes with a t-shirt. He explained that due to the current pandemic, no more than ten persons will be allowed to participate.

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