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After complaints from the community

San Mateoís ongoing problems with trash continue to affect residents living in the subdivision north of San Pedro Town. The illegal dumping of garbage sometimes blocks entire streets, and frustrated families claim local authorities do not address the problem. The San Pedro Sun reached out to the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) regarding the matter after receiving images showing what appeared to be a street under heaps of rubbish, blocking public access. They committed to looking into the situation, and on Tuesday, October 27th, the SPTC sent a crew to clean the area, finally responding to the pleas of the residents affected by the unhealthy, illegal mounds of trash.

Residents near the ugly mess had called The San Pedro Sun office, complaining that it was almost impossible to get out of their homes because of the street conditions. One woman was particularly worried that she would be unable to leave her home with her months-old child as the rains had their entire area flooded. Days later, follow-up calls confirmed that the street was cleaned on Tuesday, and its transformation has residents extremely satisfied. They thank the SPTC for the much-needed assistance, and they look forward to a cleaner, trash-free San Mateo. The heaps of rubbish on the street are gone, and white marl material has been spread on top of it.

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