Well Tropical Storm Eta has, in my opinion, broken up and no longer even has storm force winds at its centre, the cloud around most of Nicaragua and south Honduras is breaking up, so they will probably not be getting all that much more rain. However, there are two very large, very active rain areas, the large area in way out in the Caribbean, between Jamaica and Honduras. The nearer area to Belize is rather fragmented and continually changing, it generally has one area over most of eastern Belize and the other area presently off shore, but likely to move in, as the storm rotational centre continues to move across Nicaragua today.

Looks as if all Belize will be under heavy cloud most of the day and any part of could get significant patchy rain, some heavy.

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Temperatures in Belmopan : ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )
Last night min. 22°C 72°F Yesterday max. 24°C 76°F Yesterday Rain 47.6 mm ( 1.9")