Recently elected Area Representative of Belize Rural South, Mr. Andre Perez of the People’s United Party, has been appointed the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the NEW Ministry of Blue Economy. Members of his constituency were expecting his appointment as Minister of Tourism, but the Blue Economy Ministry as much ties with tourism, environment and economy. People are positive that the new ministry will be very beneficial to Mr. Perez’s constituency and the country of Belize.

Blue Economy underpins the thinking behind the Commonwealth Blue Charter, highlighting in particular the close linkages between the ocean, climate change, and the wellbeing of the people of the Commonwealth. At its heart, it reaffirms the values of the Commonwealth, including equity and public participation in marine and coastal decision-making. It supports all of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG14 ‘life below water’, and recognizes that this will require ambitious, co-ordinated actions to sustainably manage, protect and preserve our ocean now, for the sake of present and future generations.

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