Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Kareem Musa, is now the Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries. As Home Affairs Minister, the Belize Police Department falls under his responsibility and so does the Gang Suppression Unit. The G.S.U. has a negative image as a dreaded unit. The officers are known to be excessively abusive and victims have shared horrible stories over the years. The P.U.P. wants to end that and Minister Musa explains.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries

“In the last administration the country on a whole had a difficulty with the Gang Suppression Unit. The concept is not a bad, bad one in the sense of gathering intelligence on where the guns are being stashed and the rugs are being hidden, but where we found that there is an issue is abuse of authorities, the use of excessive forces against the citizens of our country. We are talking about grandmothers, grandfathers beaten up and doors broken into. And so what it is, is that we intend to rebrand this type of unit so it certainly does have that intelligence gathering but at the same time it has a different approach to policing. It can be that you know that drugs are being stashed in a particular location you go and abuse everybody in that household. So it is all about going back to community policing.”