Until a new legislation is drafted by the new government, Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 136 of the Quarantine Regulations 2020 explains the matter of wearing face masks. Part Two and Section 4 of the law states:

For the purposes of preventing, controlling, containing and suppressing the spread of the infectious disease COVID-19 every person shall, at all times and in every place, whether public or private, wear a face mask or other face (nose and mouth) covering, provided that children under the age of six years old shall not be required to wear a face mask or other face (nose and mouth) covering.

No Face Mask Required

(2) Notwithstanding sub-regulation (1) a person SHALL NOT be required to wear a face mask or other face (nose and mouth) covering if that person is:

(a) at a private residence;
(b) exercising;
(c) swimming;
(d) driving alone or driving with immediate family members.

This is by no means discouraging the use of face masks, but to inform the general public of their rights. There have been complaints of persons arrested and charged, who claimed they were either driving alone or exercising and were still penalized by police.

The general public is once again reminded that while there are provisions in the law about where and when not to wear a face mask, to continue adhering to the established health protocols. Always wear a face mask when in public places like shopping centers, restaurants and other public areas. Keep a safe distance of six feet from other persons and practice proper handwashing, particularly when returning home.