> And from high finance to what the poor people are eating - lately we've been hearing that Ramen is scarce - and when you do find it, it's selling for 50% more. It's serious news for the many folks who get their daily meal from the 50 or 75 cent food package.

And while Ramen may not be exactly health eating, it is widely consumed - so I went looking into this shortage of the most popular brand at stores nearby. Here's what I found:

Our search for Ramen started at Channel 7's neighborhood Grocery store, MIDTOWN.

But the only thing we found there was the brand that Ramen cognoscenti know as inferior

"So only Laky? Laky taste terrible."

And while we bought these for 50cents a piece. I still wanted the real things.

So we went to SKY BLUE on King Street where we found classic Maruchan Ramen for the exorbitant price of $1.00.

One of the stores further down King Street had it for 75cents, which is acceptable but not optimal for those used to paying 50cents.

The problem seems to be that Ramen is scarce not just in Belize, but in the United States and in Jamaica as well.

And while it's not for everyone...

"You no eat this?"

"No. That's real poor people food that. I no eat that."

Those with a Ramen craving may find having themselves to settle for lackluster Laky, even though Ramen OG's know that Maruchan may be worth that extra 50cents.

Retailers we spoke to underscored that - as you heard - Ramen is also scarce in the US - and that's because the whole world is on hard times - and ramen is the ultimate hard time food - so it's become scarce. Also, Ramen prices in the US are up as much as 25 cents per pack.

Channel 7