In addressing the adverse economic effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the hospitality sector, Tourism Minister Anthony Mahler also spoke on the need for a complete review of the measures being taken at the Philip Goldson International Airport since itís reopening in October.

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism

ďMy friends, we are truly living in an uncertain time, a time when many stakeholders are on the brink of losing everything, a time when the tourism industry has been shaken to the core. Today almost all stakeholders are struggling to stay afloat. Our tour guides, tour operators, restaurant owners, people who own gift shops, bars, attractions, small, medium and large properties, no one has been spared the devastating blows of COVID. However, for all of you who are hurting badly, I can assure you that I have spoken to the prime minister and my colleagues in cabinet and we are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that the tourism industry has the support it needs to navigate through the COVID-19 minefields. In fact, just last week the Ministry of Health relaxed the quarantine regulations by pushing the curfew back from nine p.m. to ten p.m. and by allowing open-air restaurants to operate at fifty percent of their capacity. This only came about after dialogue with the private sector and over the last week or so, Iíve called for a thorough review of the systems and policies that are currently being utilized at the P.G.I.A. The visitor experience at the most important point of entry is unacceptable. To improve the efficiency at the airport we are exploring the use of the rapid antigen test for seventy-two hours and we are extending the PCR tests to either five or seven days.Ē

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