Arceo says that the current Statutory Instrument is choking the businesses which rely on the tourism industry. He says that there is an urgent need for adjustment.

Eduardo Arceo, Owner, Pelican Sunset Bar

ďI want the Belizean public and the government itself to be aware of what the new S.I. is doing to the business community and to the tourism sector. I personally believe that that new SI has to be adjusted. I understand that COVID-19 is something that we have to worry about but for me as a business person the economy is more important. Without money I canít go to a private hospital. I canít help myself. I have employees to pay. I have government bill to pay. This is not helping the economy. It is not helping anybody. Tourists are here to enjoy the vacation and that is not happening. They are being threatened by police officers. They need to be educated and the S.I. needs to be adjusted. Six p.m. is very impossible. I donít think that is possible for tourism. So we will lose tourists instead of getting tourists with this new S.I. I donít know for how long this will continue because according to the S.I. it doesnít have a due date. We want to know when this will done because it is affecting my business and the economy and the tourists itself. They are being threatened.Ē

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