Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero tested positive for COVID 19 in the first week of December, 2020, and had been on sick leave - dealing with some serious long haul symptoms. That is until he showed back up to work at the Ministry of Health and Wellness on Monday of this week.

But, he had no office, no desk, and pretty much, no job. Sources tell us that Manzanero was then left with nowhere else to sit but in the secretary's pool for want of office space.

Reports suggest that while the Minister Michel Chebat did not meet with him - but higher up's in the Ministry told reportedly him that he was, basically, facing a demotion; that either he can go work with the HIV Program, go take a job as medical officer or resign. We are also told that he was urged to go back on vacation.

Reports say the attention of the Union has been called to the matter. Public service regulations do not allow demotions without first going to the Public Service Commission - which is currently at a standoff with the government.

We did reach out to Dr Manzanero - who had no comment.

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