We all remembered that solemn day in December when Prime Minister John Briceno announced that his Ministers would be taking a pay cut. It was a day marked by devastation for the newly sworn in government as they mourned the loss of a colleague and the failing economy.

But in their first 100 days in office - which ended today, they have yet to take that pay cut.

7News has seen documents which show that since the start of 2021, the ministers have been receiving their full pay and allowances - all the while lamenting the costly wage bill, which, the government often reminds us, uses up 85 cents of every dollar government earns.

So when will this pay cut finally come into effect? Courtney Menzies has the answers in this report.

December 11th should have been a celebratory event but instead was austere, with one area rep dead from COVID, and the country in the grips of a financial crisis. It was then that the Prime Minister announced that his Cabinet Ministers would be taking a 10% pay cut as a show of goodwill.

Hon John Briceno, Prime Minister
"To show our commitment to a national effort, my Cabinet will take a 10% salary cut, effective 1st January."

But it would be two months before that pay cut actually came into effect. 7News has obtained information which shows that for the pay periods of January 1st and 15th as well as February 14th, ministers' salaries were consistent at $3,375, before income tax and social security. It is not until the upcoming pay day at the end of February that the ministers will see that deduction in their pay.

And that may come as sad news to Minister Cordel Hyde who, on February 11th, while he had been receiving his full pay, was still singing the blues.

Hon Cordel Hyde, Deputy Prime Minister
"My money very short, man, my money very short, I dih tek lik. No but seriously, everybody is taking a lick."

And he'll be facing more of a financial crunch since, according to Minister Andre Perez, the monies will be deducted from their salary retroactively - and that adds up to about $506.

Hon Andre Perez, Minister of The Blue Economy and Civil Aviation
"We've gotten our letter, they're gonna be docking our pay from January as well, we got the letter as well so don't worry, it will be docked. The letter has been sent already."

Jules Vasquez:
"How do you feel about that?"

Hon Andre Perez
"We have to lead by example, Jules. I don't want to sound individualistic either but I'll tell you my experiences. I have yet to get a golf cart that belongs to the government for me to use out here in San Pedro. I am still using my personal company gold cart. And I was to assure you as a minister I do not have a government vehicle. I have to rely on a used vehicle from Civil Aviation department that has almost 100,000 miles. But I'm not complaining. Why? Because that is not priority. We got to work for the people. So for me that little 10% is just letting the people know, I hear you."

Still, the ministers' allowances are not being cut, and for most of them, that works out to $1,600 per month for housing and entertainment and 1,000 a month for telephone.

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