Dr Manza Sent Home

Ever since Director of Health services Dr. Marvin Manzanero came back from sick leave on Monday, February 15, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has been trying to figure what to do with him. His office and his post were occupied by the Acting DHS, Dr. Melissa Diaz - and so the ministry's higher up's offered him two posts: to go back to the HIV program where he first started over a decade ago, or to take up a post as a medical officer in one of the public hospitals.

Both of the posts represented a demotion, so, reports say, Manzanero balked at the proposals. And then yesterday - he was reportedly offered a proposal to accept a demotion, which, apparently, he also declined.

Well, the Ministry upped the ante this morning - and reportedly placed him on administrative leave of five days. A letter from the CEO Deysi Mendez reportedly says that he is being investigated for misconduct. We understand the allegation is that during the first half of 2020, he did not take up BAHA on an offer to use their lab to ease the COVID 19 testing load. That, it is alleged, led to an increased number of COVID deaths.

So, with that he was sent home on administrative leave, presumably while this claim against him is investigated. Often times, in such cases, a suspension is sought for public officers accused of misconduct. We are told that the Cabinet Secretary Stuart Leslie has also been in talks with Dr. Manzanero on the Prime Minister's behalf.

We communicated with the head of the Association of Public Service Senior Managers, Sharon Fraser who said they are waiting for a copy of the letter and will comment then.

Channel 7