With the start of sea turtle nesting season (April to late August, peaking in June), let's be aware of the value and importance of the beaches on northern Ambergris Caye. Sea turtles no longer nest at many previous sites, and some areas north of Tranquility Bay Resort are the most valuable Green turtle nesting sites in Belize. The nests (mostly Loggerhead and Green sea turtles) do not look like obvious nests (see the photo) and people may inadvertently ride over them, picnic or BBQ on them and also disturb the females waiting to come ashore and lay their eggs. Robles Point (often mistakenly called Rocky Point) is particularly sensitive. The Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve is a World Heritage Site and has become a popular day trip destination. Without laws in place (and awareness) to protect the beaches and sea turtles from traffic of all kinds, it's up to individuals to make wise choices in the best interests of the conservation of Belize's beautiful places and wildlife (especially the endangered species)

The marine turtle nesting season in Belize starts in May and ends in November.

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Photo by Rosemary Smith