Speaking about land, Flowers says that the government is prepared to cut the salaries of public officers when there are hundreds of millions of dollars in arrears and taxes that have not been collected at the Ministry of Natural Resources. So is there an option that the Briceño administration can look into?

Dean Flowers, 1st Vice President, Public Service Union

“Eight people, eight land owners are indebted to the government sixty-two million dollars. So while the government is attacking fourteen thousand public officers, there are eight Belizeans or eight companies out there – only eight – that owe this government sixty-two million dollars. The lands’ arrears is well in excess of three hundred million dollars. The tax arrears is well in excess of four hundred and eighty-six million dollars. And the best thing the government could do is to come after public officers, hard working public officers who are to be considered human resource assets rather than enemies.”

Channel 5