Jasmine Ashcroft has been detained for questioning in connection to the shooting death of Supt. of Police Henry Jemmott.

Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed that since her detention last night Ashcroft has refused to cooperate with the investigation and has requested that she needed to communicate with her team of lawyers before engaging with the police. Williams said that this has raised some "red flags," but that since it is her right Ashcroft has been granted her request.

Williams told the media that just after 12:30 a.m Jemmott and Ashcroft were socializing on a pier on the island when a single gunshot was heard. That shot alerted a security guard who rushed to the area and found Ashcroft fully clothed and pacing on the pier with bloodstains on her clothing and hands. The security guard quickly informed the police who proceeded to the area and found Jemmott's body floating in the sea nearby with a single gunshot wound behind his right ear. Jemmott was taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Williams described the relationship between Ashcroft and the deceased as friends and confirmed that they appeared to have been alone on the pier when the incident occurred.

Jemmott's service-issued revolver which was found on the scene was taken in as evidence. A medical professional has been called in to determine the proximity and trajectory of the bullets to determine if it was a self-inflicted wound or if the bullet was fired by someone else.

Williams said that earlier this week Jemmott had requested time off from his job due to personal reasons.

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Jasmine Ashcroft Detained Pending Investigation In Henry Jemmott Shooting

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has confirmed that Jasmine Ashcroft, a San Pedro resident and daughter-in-law of Michael Ashcroft, has been detained pending the investigation into the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

Williams confirmed that Jemmott and Ashcroft were reportedly socializing on the dock near the beach when he was shot dead. Williams says that contrary to myriad comments on social media, police do not believe law enforcement personnel are under attack and rather, the situation seems to have been an isolated personal situation.

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Jasmine and Jemmoth were the Only Ones on the Pier

The commissioner of police confirmed that superintendent Jemmoth and Jasmine Hartin were socializing at 12:30 this morning, against curfew regulations on a pier when he was fatally shot in the head with his service weapon. His body was retrieved from the waters right next to the pier. Jasmine Hartin is the partner of Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Lord Michael Ashcroft, and the principle behind the recently opened Alaia resort.

Jasmine Hartin remains in police custody where the commissioner says she is not cooperating and has requested the presence of counsel. This morning, Ashcroft Alliance attorney, Godfrey Smith, was seen at the police station. Police are currently treating the matter as a death investigation.

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