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Superintendent Henry Jemmott fatally shot in San Pedro Town; island businesswoman detained for questioning

As of press time, Hartin has not been charged with a crime but remains in police custody. ComPol Williams gave details of the happenings leading to Jemmott’s demise. According to the official report, just after 12:30AM, Jemmott and Hartin were socializing on a pier in San Pedro Town when a single gunshot was heard. A security guard from a nearby resort rushed to the dock and observed Hartin on the dock. ComPol said that Hartin appeared to have blood on her arms and clothing after the security guard called the police. A gun was retrieved from the pier, which police confirmed was Jemmott’s issued service weapon. Jemmott’s lifeless body was observed floating in the sea near the pier and later retrieved. According to ComPol, he had an apparent gunshot wound behind his right ear. The body was taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A post-mortem has been scheduled, and results are expected to shed light on the mystery of the incident. ComPol said the examination would reveal the proximity and trajectory to determine the distance from where the shot was fired. This will tell investigators if Jemmott could have shot himself or if someone in his proximity caused the fatal injury. ComPol said that the senior police officer was on time off on the island to solve some personal issues. “I was not aware he was out on San Pedro until I got the call last night that he had died,” said Williams. “It’s a sad situation, and it is something that we as a department will have to find a way to deal with and will as best as we can,” ComPol said. “The police have spoken to several persons living near the area of the incident and will use such information in their investigation.” Williams described the relationship between Hartin and Jemmott as friends, but the reason why they were together out after curfew is still unknown. ComPol added that if the evidence shows that Hartin caused his death, police will follow such evidence.

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