Hartin's Arraignment Pending

Jasmine Hartinís arraignment has yet to begin. Police are waiting for the Director of Public Prosecutions to instruct them on what charge should be brought for the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemott.

In a statement to police, Hartin has characterized it as an accidental shooting. Because of this explanation it is expected that the charge may be manslaughter.

Regardless of the charge, Police are expected to object to bail, though it is a bailable offence, and Hartin's attorney Godfrey Smith would press the court for it. If the charge is manslaughter that is an indictable offence and and no plea would be taken at the lower Court.

Hartinís charge is expected today or tomorrow, depending on the requirements of the DPP.

Meanwhile she remains in custody.

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The Regular police press briefing is not live by none of the media house that would stream it live. I wonder why? It was expected that the nation would have been update on death investigation of Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott. Meanwhile the local and international press are camping at the San Pedro Police Station, which also houses the Magistrate Court, to see what charges will be made against the main suspect Jasmine Hartin, common-law of Andrew Ashcroft, the son of British Billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Jorge Aldana

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