Did Firearms Expert Check Jemmott’s Gun?

And, coming back to the Jasmine Hartin - Henry Jemmoth manslaughter case, there are some questions about how the cops were able to charge before completing their ballistic testing.

Yesterday via zoom the commissioner told Jules Vasquez that while waiting for those results might seem the right thing to do, the long wait for results could have jeopardized the entire case.

Jules Vasquez:
"Should the police have waited until they received a report from the weapons experts at the forensics department, before a final decision was made on the charge, and is such a report pending?"

Chester Williams, Comissioner of Police
"That would have been a call for the DPP to make and I can tell you Jules, that had that been done she would have had to have been released from custody because that report will not be done overnight, it requires intense ballistic testings and if it was that she would be released from custody without a charge, pending that report then you could just imagine how Belizeans would have gone in an uproar."

Did Hartin Get Arrested With Cocaine?

And while Hartin has ultimately been charged for Manslaughter, there was buzz over the weekend about a possible cocaine charge, reportedly for possession of 0.4 grams.

It's yet another tidbit in the ongoing San Pedro saga that's been difficult to confirm but we put the question to the Commissioner yesterday. Here's his reply.

Jules Vasquez
"Now, sir much has been made over the days of this issue of a charge for possession of a small amount of controlled drugs, are you able to explain if this was ever a factor in how, if you all intended to bring this charge at any point?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"That is something that, I'm not too sure at this time where that small amount of drugs was found but it is something that will be looked at."

Jules Vasquez:
"So there may be subsequent charges for that?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"There could be, yes."

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Supreme Court Bail Hearing for Jasmine Hartin Adjourned

Two days after she was charged with manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott in San Pedro, today Jasmine Hartin was back in the court. Her attorneys Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith and Hector Guerra appeared before Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord while Hartin attended the bail application hearing via video link from the Belize Central Prison. But as quickly as the session started, it ended when Justice Lord adjourned the matter to next week. News Five’s Duane Moody was there and files this report.

Duane Moody, Reporting

The bail hearing before Justice Herbert Lord this afternoon for the manslaughter by negligence case for Jasmine Hartin was adjourned to next week Wednesday, June ninth following the objection to bail by the Director of Public Prosecution, because the petitioner, or the accused is considered a flight risk.

Duane Moody

“The objection was made because it is considered that Miss Hartin is a flight risk.”

Shanice Lovell, Crown Counsel

“Yes…and we are going to be working on submissions and then the judge will hear the matter thereafter.”


“That’s one Wednesday right the submissions will be heard?”

Shanice Lovell


“What submissions will you be making to the judge?”

Shanice Lovell
“It’s in relation to her flight risk status.”


“Do you consider her a serious flight risk?”

Shanice Lovell

“Yes we do.”

Hartin was not brought to the courtroom, but instead attended the session via virtual link from the central prison in Hattieville. When he addressed the court, Justice Herbert Lord said that he was tasked by the Chief Justice to preside over the case. The judge ordered for full submissions in writing on the objection as well as case laws –  be submitted by Friday, June fourth. Hartin’s legal team will then have to respond by June seventh before the bail hearing which will now be held at nine-thirty a.m., one week from today. When he exited the courtroom, Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith’s comments were brief.

Godfrey Smith, Attorney for Jasmine Hartin

“You all were in court; you all would have heard the judge, Justice Lord, express disapproval of the kind of media publicity he has seen attending this matter. Obviously, I have no intention of contributing to that. You would have heard what I’ve heard which is that the matter is adjourned. Why has it been adjourned, the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office filed a short statement, one sentence, saying we object to bail on the basis of flight risk with nothing further. The judge has said he wants full submissions, full developed arguments on that to be submitted by Friday. We are to respond on Monday and the matter will continue next week Wednesday. That is all I can say. Thank you very much….”

Justice Lord says that following the hearing, a decision will be handed down no later than June eleventh. Duane Moody for News Five.

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Hartin remains locked up in Hattieville after Supreme Court denies bail

From a luxurious lifestyle to the Kolbe Foundation-Belize Central Prison in Hattieville, Canadian National Jasmine Hartin will remain incarcerated after her Supreme Court petition for bail on Wednesday, June 2nd was denied. Stating she is considered a flight risk, Justice Herbert Lord presided over the bail hearing, which is adjourned to Wednesday, June 9th.

Hartin was detained from Friday, and after being charged with the lesser charge of Manslaughter by Negligence, which is bailable, she was transported to Hattieville on Tuesday, June 1st. Although her attorney Godfrey Smith managed to get an expedited bail hearing before the Supreme Court in Belize City it was denied, and now Hartin will have to wait a couple more days before her next hearing. Hartin attended the court hearing virtually from the central prison. Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell represented the team from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). They objected to Hartin’s bail, insisting she was a flight risk. According to reports, the DPP’s office must provide a written submission with legal information supporting their objection to bail by the subsequent hearing. Meanwhile, Hartin’s legal team will be given time to submit a written response to such objection.

When Hartin was transported off the island on June 1st, a gentleman (who did not provide name) approached the press and shared his encounter with Hartin while in jail. He had been incarcerated for an alleged curfew breach when he saw police locking up a white woman. He said Hartin appeared to be under the influence of some substance and was disoriented. Afterward, he claims she cussed out the police officers because they did not allow her to smoke a cigarette. According to the jail inmate, she demanded preferential treatment as well. When he found out that Hartin was there for the shooting death of Jemmott, she was lauded. The jail mate said he praised her for being brave enough to kill a top cop, as many people did not like the fallen superintendent because he abused his power when in charge of policing the island. He is happy that Jemmott was killed. According to this individual, Hartin claimed she did not kill Jemmott, but someone in a passing boat shot him. These claims have not been confirmed.

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