'He told me to practise loading his gun. Suddenly it went off. I had no idea there was still a bullet in the chamber': Accused Jasmine Hartin's dramatic account of what she says really happened on the moonlit pier in Belize

Sitting at the edge of the pier with the waves gently lapping at her toes, the warm Caribbean breeze blowing and a full moon overhead, it could not have been a more perfect night.

Beside her, an old friend laughed and reminisced as the wine and whisky flowed. But within a couple of hours, this peaceful scene would descend into a 'living nightmare'.

A single gunshot pierced the night air, followed by a scream then a splash as a body entered the water.

And Jasmine Hartin's life would never be the same again.

Today, the horrific chain of events on the night the 32-year-old socialite accidentally shot dead her good friend, Belize police superintendent Henry Jemmott, can be revealed in detail for the first time.

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