Jasmine Hartin Granted Bail

Jasmjne Hartin granted Bail in the amount of $30,000.00 BZD

Thirty-two-year-old Jasmine Hartin has been granted bail. Hartin was remanded to the Belize Central Prison on June 1st after being charged with manslaughter by negligence and denied bail at the magistrate level. Her attorney, Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith submitted for Supreme Court bail and today arguments were heard by Justice Herbert Lord.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions argued that Hartin who is Canadian is a flight risk. Smith successfully argued that she is not.

Bail was set at $30,000 plus one surety of the same amount.

As part of her bail conditions, Hartin is required to submit all travel documents, report to the every adjourned date and not leave Belize.



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Attorney Godfrey Smith speaks with the media after the bail hearing.

Jasmine Hartin granted $30,000 Supreme Court bail

After hours of legal arguments heard at the Supreme Court in Belize City, Jasmine Hartinís defense attorney secured bail for the Canadian national charged for Manslaughter by Negligence in the shooting death of police superintendent Henry Jemmott. Justice Herbert Lord granted bail for BZ$30,000 and one surety of the same amount.

Hartin is subject to certain conditions, such as surrendering her travel and other personal documents. She cannot leave the country without the permission of the Supreme Court and is to report to the police station in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District daily. Hartin will need to attend all her court hearings in San Pedro Town until the case is closed. She must also adhere to a curfew from 7PM to 6AM every day. Justice Lord warned that breach of any of these conditions would lead to the immediate detention of Hartin.

The decision to grant her bail came after Justice Lord listened to written and oral submissions prepared by Hartinís defense attorney, Godfrey Smith. One of the main arguments brought up by the prosecution was that Hartin was a flight risk, but Smith managed to convince the Justice that his client has no intentions to flee the country as she has Belizean children and business ties to Belize.

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