Repair the Road North: Beginning soon!

In just over a week, serious repair work will begin on the road north of San Pedro Town – from the Secret Beach junction to La Beliza at about 9 miles north. Spearheaded by San Pedro Mayor Wally Nunez with the help of long-time Ambergris Caye resident Richard Gross, the co-owner of Casa Rana Belize, this project is such a great example of how the community, a grassroots movement, and the town can work, hand in hand, to get things done. Big things. Especially impressive in this incredibly hard economic time. Road repair is just something that the local government just couldn’t afford to do at this time.

The team worked to raise over $50,000bzd from private donors – resort and home/condo owners – as well as from the local government. Donations of materials, equipment, and personnel have been made by Fidel Ancona, an owner of the 50-acre quarry north as well as Ray Flint, who manages much of the heavy equipment for the quarry.

This will be all be used to tackle a job that is essential – anyone who drives the road north knows that it is in terrible shape. We need to enable rapid medical/fire/police response if needed, to reduce the cost of vehicle repairs, and make the road driveable for residents and for our recovering tourism industry. AND to get this done before the rainy season really begins and the roads, already in bad shape, get even worse.

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