The Duende and my Horse

Super excited to share our first video story on our Cuentame un Cuento Abuelito series. Many of us have heard the stories of El Duende, La Llorona, La Xtabai, La Lechona. el Alux. Even though some of us might not believe in these stories, I can assure you that our grandfathers can tell us about their personal encounters with these legendary creatures.

Every Monday for 5 weeks we will be sharing a new story from our abuelitos. The aim of the series is to share a little bit about their livelihood, traditions, history and oral folk stories. Experience the magic of these stories through the memories of our grandparents.
Today’s story is from Mr. Fernando Martinez from San Narciso Village with El Duende Y mi Caballo.

Myths, folktale and legends belong to our history and are part of pur culture.

Banquitas House of Culture