Anti-vax front-liners who need the jab to return to work may be getting some help from corrupt sources.

Tonight reports are that stamped and unstamped fraudulent vaccine cards are being sold at a premium of $300.00, reportedly by a few nurses.

Minister of Health Michel Chebat confirmed it this morning on SunUp on 7 when he told our hosts that one of these nurses has been caught and that the case has been referred to the police.

Hon. Michel Chebat, Minister of Health
"We are aware and we've referred it to the police and there is an ongoing investigation. They are doing a disservice not only to the person purchasing it but to the entire nation. Anyone who isn't vaccinated exposes everyone else, your undermining, the country, you're undermining the country, you're not helping that person and for what, for a hundred dollars, 200 dollars how can that benefit anybody, when someone gets sick and they have severe symptoms and they have to be intubated it cost over 46 thousand dollars per person at our public hospital. At our private institutions, it goes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and that person may lose his life so how can that person benefit from buying a card. They're hustling on the backs of individuals who may be exposed to this virus and who may end up losing their lives. the consequence is severe. I don't have a problem with the people who have questions, asking questions is healthy, but I say go to the health professionals, go to the people who can give you the correct answer."

The fraudulent cards reportedly have no security features and are not stamped until it becomes absolutely necessary for travel purposes.

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