Thank you for the info.
I believe I was pretty clear in my email to them about the "Renewing our Vows" and being married for 20 years.
Tim at Banana Beach is taking care of the reception. They have a brand new restaurant!

It is just basically lining up a minister to perform the ceremony, flowers & photos (Kay Scott).

The only family we have joining us is our daughter and her friend.
Do you think we can wait and arrange it ourselves when we arrive? We plan to arrive on the 14th (June 2003) and our anniversary is on the 19th. Is this enough time? And most importantly, are there legal requirements to meet in Belize even though we are legally married here in the states?

Sorry I have alot of questions, but everyone seems very helpful and full of advice on this board. We've already learned alot about AC from reading all the posts!
David & Jody