I'll be living on Caye Caulker for the next 2 months and would like to do some snorkeling on my own on the reef by paddling out on my paddle board. No, it's not because I'm cheap. I am going to get a guide for much of everything else including scuba diving and the rest of the popular snorkeling spots. I just love to do it so much, that it would be very expensive paying a tour 4-5 days a week for 2 months. I've read some on the topic and it would seem that this is doable but that I'd just have to pay a CC Marine Reserve fee. However, a local at the airbnb i'm staying at said that going by yourself isn't allowed and that a ranger would pick you up and confiscate the paddle board. Can anyone tell me definitively what the law is here for this?

For background information, I have been doing this kind of thing on my own since I was a kid, in Florida/Florida Keys. I'm not a novice. I'd have all the safety gear with me including PFD and whistle (maybe find an airhorn as well). I'm also very thoughtful on any potential impact on the reef. I would never anchor on the reef. I'd also never get myself into a situation where strong current was present that would wash me over the reef.

Can anyone provide any insight into this? If I am allowed to do this, where would I go to buy the park pass/fee?

Thanks in advance,
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