By Hans Wagenhaus

Good morning from Arenal Village on the Western border,
for some time now I've been working to donate a new kids playground for Arenal. Our playground is more than 25 years old - it's rotten and for a very long time cannot be used by any kids anymore. I'm going to donate 2000US$ and I will be looking for donations from companies, organizations or single persons and I'm very optimistic that we're going to start building the kids playground in 2021. The British High commissioner was very much amazed about my plans and she is actually working on options to give me ideas to realize this project with as much as possible support. I also presented the project to the area representative for Cayo West, Hon. Jorge Espat, who'll support me. Even the director of the OAS in the Benque border zone offered his support for this project, that will be built by many Arenal villagers.

I created a presentation and ask kindly, if you would please check on this presentation - it explains the whole concept of the playground and there's a video explaining the need of this playground. Here is the link:

You might have seen, that I want to do a sustainable playground with as few as possible plastic, in order to set a sign for the future of our environment.

In order to support this project you could either donate any amount of money, or you could chose to buy items for the playground and make sure, they'll be available for us by the end of the year. I would very much appreciate your support. In the end I'm going to implement a website for 3 years explaining the project and monitor the efforts, as well as name all the donors of this project - I'll ask the Ambergris Caye message board to help support the project and help to look for donors.

I wanted to ask you to please support Arenal with this kids playground. If you would decide to donate, there would no need for action now, just send me an email to confirm: I would contact you again, once we would start to create the playground, but I would appreciate, if you could give me a green light for this donation.

Thank you very much
Kind regards

Hans Wagenhaus
Arenal Village
Whatsapp: 00502 48312970