Glenn Godfrey Heightens His Defensive Stance

Glenn Godfrey is not a man known for his forays into public life, or his press interviews - he probably gives those about once a decade. But, the retiring attorney has been thrust into the harsh glare of international media scrutiny after the Pandora Papers made a detailed study the shady clients who have used his services of over the years.

And, that has forced the senior attorney to come out of his professional shell to defend his firm against the allegation that it was a, quote, "one-stop shop for American clients, including at least a dozen who sheltered assets while facing criminal investigations or costly lawsuits."

According to the Washington Post, the Pandora Papers, quote, "expose how a prolific offshore operator in Belize accepted and served suspect American clients by setting up trusts and shell companies."

Godfrey's firm sent out two statements yesterday disclaiming the findings of the investigative report - and today put out a statement - along with a user friendly list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The statement says, quote, "our firm finds itself maligned and unfairly positioned in relation to the matters at hand we pride ourselves in compliance to the spirit and letter of all applicable legislations. We regret that the ICIJ report while pursuing noble intent, pursued it in a fashion that employed threats, heavy handed bullying and refusal to peruse the matter with legal and journalistic professional ethical guidelines."

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