Glenn D Godfrey Responds to the Pandora Papers Allegations

It has been nine days since the leak of the Pandora Papers by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The papers surround over one hundred leaders and celebrities dabbling in offshore banking, primarily used to evade taxes. Belize was listed multiple times in the papers, as the country has often been dubbed a tax haven. Specifically mentioned was Glenn D Godfrey and Company and CIL (sill) Trust International. Glenn Godfrey is one of Belize’s former Attorney Generals and is currently a senior counsel who heads both companies. Between both companies, more than six hundred thousand records were leaked as part of the 11.9 million financial records reviewed by the ICIJ over a one-year period. Interestingly, the ICIJ, in its articles does not state that Godfrey’s two companies provided illegal services, but to some extent, Godfrey says that the reports have cast aspersions and untruths. Today in an exclusive interview, Godfrey sat down with Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo to share crucial details that the ICIJ seemingly left out. Here is that story.