1st off, sorry for the size download, it was a quick & dirty web post.

1. It is the 2nd floor, not 3.
2. Yes there is a great breeze, but the other rooms just have a door and a couple windows facing the beach. The suites have french doors that open completely. Just the overhead fan does a wonderful job at night. Unless of course you have one of those no breeze nights, and you've the ac to take care of things.
3. The pool
4. The bar
5. Ice box in the room
6. The pool
7. The bar
8. Coffee machine in the room
9. Great shower & bathroom area
10. cd player components
11. The pool
12. The staff
13. Raking the beach each morning
14. The pool
15. Lobster season beach grills
16. Ramon's dock
17. The pool

Damn, I forgot.

Off season, we have paid as low as $150. It all depends, how long you stay, do you get lucky and they are just tourista slow that period.

San Pedro, Belize
Toll Free: 1-800-MAGIC 15 International: 601-649-1990
U.S. Reservation Office
One Freedom Square, Laurel, MS 39440-3325
Phone: (601)-649-1990 Fax: (601)-649-1996
or Email Ramons @ [email protected]


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