This email was sent to Brian Wruble (Amy's Dad) from Ken at Freight Works this morning.

My agent in Belize City is at the dock right now seeing if we can take our
barge over there... We have approx. 150 pieces of camera equipment as well
that we have to get off the island... That is not my concern right now... If
any private vessels have not been commandeered by the Government we will get
over there today... I have just spoken with my partner, and he is doing
everything he can to make an access to the pier or the shoreline... we have
a military barge on the hook that can go right up to the shoreline... I
will know more in the next half hour... Everyone is safe, but very damp...
They are all united in their efforts, and no one will leave the island until
they can all get off together... If you want call me feel free... I am at my
office at 203 255 2929... If anybody can get them off that Island I will,
even if I have to get a helicopter in there... We will get them off
today...I have confirmed with my people with American Airlines that right
now they are planning to fly in there on Wednesday... The flight is booked
full, I have re-booked Dean for Thursday.... It appears the worst is
over... He told me the Sun is out, but the wind is still severe