My son and I are planning our first trip to Ac in Jan to celebrate his 18th Bday. I've looked back through this BB 60 days, and have gotten SOOO much helpful info, but have a bunch of questions. Any help would be MUCH appreciated:
-What is the weather like in Jan? From info I've read in our scuba magazines, it is rainy season from Dec thru March,and that there are 3-4 days rainstorms called "Norther's" that occur.
-Are bugs a problem and is bugspray needed?
-From what I've read, Ramon's sems like a pretty good bet for accommodations for this first trip. For those of you who mentioned it, what is the advantage of staying in one of the 2nd story suites? Are the rooms larger, are there minifridges? Separate bedroom? Is it difficult to haul, scuba stuff to the rooms. *ie- is Ramon's pretty
- We are looking for moderate/advanced diving (Bryce is rescue cert, I am a DM)The diver operator that keeps popping up as the favorite is Amigos del Mar. Do they operate out of Ramon's or are they contacted somewhere else?
-The diving we're used to is drift diving in Cozumel. There, we take the early morning "fast" boats with a max of 6 divers of similar ability and choose the site based on the group's interest and ability. Is this similar in Belize?
_We would very much like to see sharks, but from what I've read, the sharks in the "alley" are all nurse sharks. Is there another site nearby where we can find reef or other sharks? Ive read that the site The Elbow at Turneffe Islands has them- is this a long haul from AC?
-How long is the boatride to the Blue hole? Is it choppy (a dramamine ride [Linked Image]?
-sorry this is sooo long but lastly- has anyone heard of any good airfares from Denver? My next "stop" is to the airfare sites you have all listed, but I don't know what would be considered a "good" fare since this is a first.
Thank you soooo much!