The question not answered was regarding “dragging dive gear”
I’m getting ready to come down to A/C for my 7th visits. Get it? I love the place.
I’ve dove with Hustler’s, Amigos and Ched Cabral. Before I discovered Belize I made two trips to Cozumel. Big difference! I will not say anything negative about Coz, just tell you what I think are the positives differences for Belize.
1) You take your gear to the boat once.
2) The Rinse tanks are right on the dock
3) You (sometimes they) hang your stuff up to dry
4) It is warm and ready the next morning
5) The day you are ready to leave you lug it to your room. (Ched has always brought mine to my room for me.)
6) Except at Hol Chan I have seldom have had another boat tie up to the mooring where we are diving. IN fact, if we get close to a dive site and someone is there ahead of us, we go someplace else. Therefore I seldom see a diver that is not a part of my small group.
7) Amigos tends to try to keep their divers together. I think that may be because they get a lot of novice divers. With Billy (Hustler’s) and Ched, once they know someone’s skill level they leave you pretty much to your own devices – if you want that.
8) Seldom much current and I can stop and take pictures without having to “hang onto” the reef.

Whatever you decide will be fine - you will love it.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles