Pool is essential. A/C would be nice but no esential. As long as there is a breeze at night for sleeping. Some sort of kitchenette so we could make breakfast and possibly lunch on our own is key. Eating out three meals a day with our kids turns out to be a lot of work.

I was thinking staying close (within a 10 to 15 minute walk) to town would be more fun for the kids. They will get bored all day on the beach and being able to easily get to town to buy an ice cream or explore would be great. Will it be too nosiy to sleep at night?

My daughter is a picky eater (read that as only eats very bland food) and was also wondering if any the the places have kids (i.e. bland) menus.


I had the possibly goofy notion that staying in a thatched roof type of place would be kinda cool with the kids. Am I crazy? Should I stick to the condo-suite stuff? Ramons had a two bedroom cabana set up that, altough pretty pricey, looked like it might be a good setup for kids.

Thanks for all the info. This is a great way to plan a trip!