$2 bz is equal to $1 U.S.

All credit card purchases are transfered to your U.S. rate (at least in my past trips) with no charge!

I would recommend that you do get travelers checks for at least half of what you expect to spend. Spindle Drift bar cashed all of our travelers checks for us with no problem; also there is a bank in town just for out of town guest that are more than happy to help you out, of course with a service charge!

But always when traveling outside you country, it's better to spend a little bit more just to protect yourself!

Meals and drinks are not that expensive - once you remember to convert prices!

One thing good to remember is that you are in a totally differnt enviornment - people living in Belize are not as fast paced as us Americans. They are in no hurry!!! At some places you might not get your drink until you food arrives...at first it makes you mad- but, then soon realize how much we get upset about the smallest things.

No matter what your experience on AC brings to you; you will never look at the world in the same way once you return back to your normal lives.

San Pedro to me was a blink in God's eye of how HEVAN will be!!!!

You have picked the best place to go on a vacation- all of us board members just wish you could take us with you!!!!!!!!

Have a great time & Belize it baby!!!!!

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