Just got off the phone with mother in law in San Ignacio. She had just gotten off the phone with her two sons in San Pedro. They toughed out the storm with Nellie Gomez at the Belize Laundry Mat in San Pedro. I guess they feared for their lives on more than one occasion during the storm and are thankful to be alive but they reported that they are out of food and water. My two year old neice is desparately in need of diapers as well. The boys claim there are no docks left which is making it difficult for boats to land.

Still raining in San Ignacio as well but I really didn't grasp whether the Macal River was rising or receding. I guess the river was up to the bottom of the Hawksworth bridge.

In any event it sound like the people out on the cayes are desperately in need of food, water, and diapers. Keep in mind that refridgeration will be at a premium as well so non perishables would be the order of day.

If I hear anything more I will report it at the first opportunity. Oh ya, and we owe Marty for the super human effort.