To all who are concerned about ambergris caye and caye caulker
There has been much more damage than expected to all who live on the islands, and reports of loss of life are beginning to filter in. Please be aware that any loss of life is due to the WEST Part of the islands. Which means this is local area, not tourist area. As far as I know no tourist is or has been in harms way, it has been the locals. Our hearts go out to the ones who have lost their loved ones, and i know they will never read this, but all that do, please say a prayer for the people in BELIZE, especially in San Pedro area and caye Caulker, and for those who care. It was BAD!!!!!!
I'm not trying to alarm anyone, but you have to know reality about the islands, I have been in contact with people on Ambergris Caye and it is not good. But I do agree, That it will not take long to get back to standard of what we call ourselves, americans. Look into yourselfs and see what we have compared to what they have and you'll know. They need our support!! Let us know, because we have started a drive and it will not stop till we get the islands back to where they need to be.

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