For those of you who haven't heard, there is a curfew in effect for Ambergris Caye (and probably all of Belize) from 8pm to 6 am. People have been warned that they willbe in danger of being shot if they break curfew. A few of you have voiced concern, and I thought this was quite harsh myself; but if you think about it, looking for people, food, and supplies is much easier in the daylight, especially since there are crocs, snakes and such around the island. Also, the people of Ambergris Caye/San Pedro who are now homeless are surely staying with friends and families who still have shelter, because that's the way they do things down there. They are very big on helping their friends and neighbors. The rest of the world could learn a lesson from these people. Of course, even the best bushell has a couple of bad apples, and the curfew is made to protect the good from the bad.